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These easy tricks can change your life

These easy tricks can change your life

Being parents means being creative. Here you have some tips that can make your day easier and commit your children to help at home:


  • Cut a sticker and place a half on each shoe, so your child knows which shoe goes on each foot.


  • Use an empty bottle of baby shampoo to make your child wash his/her hands easier.


  • Buy or knit a funny hat. You can be sure your child will not take it off.


  • Make a hammock with a bed sheet or quilt. You can tie it to a table.


  • You can recycle a crib to make a desk.


  • Placing a swinning spaghetti on your child’s bed border will avoid falls.


  • A DVD case can be used as a pencil case.


  • Soap dispensers can help filling water balloons.


  • Trace a mark under the toilet paper roll to let your child know how much he/she needs.


  • Make a beaded bracelet with your telephone number. If your child strays, people can reach you.


  • Put a plastic cup lid under the popsicle and it will avoid your child gets sticky.


  • Put a rubber band on the doorknob to avoid the door closes.


  • Cover the play pen with a sheet while the baby is outside, in order to protect her from heat and bugs.


  • Trace your child’s foot shape on a paper, so you can buy shoes with no need to bring him/her to the store.


  • If your child is afraid of monsters, you can crelate a gun using an empty spray bottle (with trigger).


  • Use a piece of a swimming spaghetti to keep the door open and protect your child’s hands.


  • Fix some shoe boxes to one side of the dresser. They can be used to organize books or toys.


  • Have your child clean up his/her toys by gathering them on a determined tile of the flor, as if it were a game.
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