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Why is it important to read to toddlers‏?

Why is it important to read to toddlers‏?

Books for children are our first introduction to the art of storytelling. Reading to children helps develop imagination, listening skills, and a lifelong love of books. Just as important, kids love being read to. When you read to kids, you are spending quality time just for the two of you

Tips to Help You Read to Kids
  • If your child isn’t used to being read to, be positive as you share the news you’re going to be reading together. Tell your child that this is special time for the both of you, and how much fun it will be.
  • Make reading your quiet time together. Ensure you aren’t competing with the TV, music, or any other distracting noise.
  • You may not realize how interested your child might be in books for children. Give them time to look at their books from home or the library, and limit their choice to one or two each night. Bedtime is a perfect time to sit quietly and read to your baby, toddler, or school-aged child.
  • Most kids love hearing you use different voices for the characters in the book, and this will help them follow the story.
  • Make reading a daily habit. Read at the same time every day and your child will soon make sure you don’t forget it’s time for a book!
  • Encourage your child to ask questions and be a part of the reading experience. Puppets are a fun way to act out the story after you’ve read it.
  • Invite friends and family to read with your children when they visit.
  • If your children are very young, it’s better to spend a shorter time reading one book than forcing it when they’re distracted or tired.