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The Mamahood – Nailing This Mama-Thing Together

The Mamahood – Nailing This Mama-Thing Together

The Mamahood – Nailing This Mama-Thing Together

Nailing this “mama-thing” together.



The Mamahood is a free support group for Bay Area mothers focused on positivity, love and inclusion. Moderated from a place of social justice, we’ve created a safe space for mothers of all types to feel uplifted and connected through virtual and real-life community.

Mamahood members enjoy a directory of recommended resources called The M List, a full calendar of incredible events created by and for our members, and discounts and deals on 100s of services and products.

To learn more and join up, go here:

And log into our free resource center here:



The Club


The Club is a community for womxn entrepreneurs whose businesses serve The Mamahood’s 30,000+ Bay Area families.

We help passionate, driven womxn creators find more joy and success in life by providing:

  • Opportunities for fun, collaboration, and connection,

  • Tools for exposure, and

  • Curated resources.

Club membership currently includes a complimentary profile on The M List, a web platform for mom-recommended resources that serves our 30k moms.

Apply for the club here: THE CLUB

Visit  THE CLUB Facebook Group

Some of the benefits of being a THE CLUB member are:

Girls Nights IRL


An entire year of sophisticated but laid back ‘girls nights’ planned for you! We host a super fun party each month on alternating sides of the Caldecott tunnel.

All you have to do is show up, relax, and make new friends.

Fabulous venues. Great company. Good laughs. Relaxed vibes. These are not your average ‘networking’ events. They are simply about having fun and letting loose with fellow womxn badasses.


Targeted Audience Exposure

As a CLUB member, you also get the exclusive right to promote your offerings to ‘built-for-you’ audiences in industry-specific chat groups that The Mamahood grows and moderates alongside you. This is an opportunity to position yourself as a community leader and provider or quality content in your niche. What this could be worth is totally up to you.


Discounted Marketing Services

In addition to all the DIY ways you can grow your audience through The M List platform and the targeted subgroups on Facebook, you can also work with me individually to boost exposure and take advantage of exclusive discounted services for Clubbers.

We can partner on:

  • Fun Giveaways,

  • CLUB Features,

  • Facebook Lives, or

  • Other customizable campaigns


Complimentary Profile on The M List

The M List (located here:, is an interactive web directory of mom-recommended businesses created by and for The Mamahood, the Bay Area’s premier online mom community with 30,000 active members and growing.

The M List is marketed daily via special offerings, features, and giveaways in our main group: The Mamahood (SF East Bay).


The M List lets you easily:

* Create special ‘deals’ that are automatically featured on our site – and in our community;

* Add your own events to The Mamahood’s online member calendar;

* Include your URL, social media links, eye-catching 800 X 800 image, short and long descriptions to captivate your audience.

* Set up profiles for up to three businesses (if your side hustle has a side hustle).