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traveling with kids

Do you secretly wish you had the chance to travel as you used to before having children?


The fact that now you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

Some people may think it’s not possible to have a relaxing vacation with kids, but if you plan in advance and consider some helpful creative ideas, traveling with your children can become the best experience in your life.

Vacationing with your kids can be a good way to pause the daily routine and get to appreciate each other more.

However, it’s important to consider that during the trip there will be some moments of impatience, tears, drama, and unfulfilled expectations. But don’t let that disappoints you and keeps you from enjoying the adventure of a lifetime.

These tactics can help you make your trip easier for you and your kids.


Tips for road trip with older kids:

  • Books on CD. You can listen to them for some minutes, and make pauses to discuss and comment.
  • Surprises. Stop along the road, or a surprise them with a road game to play.
  • Goodie bag. Load up a bag with different snack options, and some new toys from the dollar store.
  • Pack your meals. You don’t need to spend extra money on restaurants. Pack a loaf of bread and some PB&J, or cheese slices, so you have the excuse to stop and make the sandwiches.
  • Keep the drinks down to a minimum. Keep your kids hydrated, but don’t let them drink too much liquid so you don’t have to stop every 30 minutes.
  • Be flexible. Sometimes, you may need to change your plans and skip a planned stop or add another one. Most of the best memories are made when you go with the flow. Having a plan is important, but keep it adjustable.
  • Bring plastic bags and some ‘clean up’ supplies. You will need them for trash, regular spills, or just in case someone gets sick.
  • Bring baby wipes. Even if you don’t have a baby, they always useful.

road trip goodie bag

Road tripping with an infant:

  • Have an extra set of the necessities. Make sure you have the diaper bag stocked with extra clothing, extra food, extra pacifiers, and extra patience. Since your little one will be out of their routine, you can expect them to be a little fussy and “needy”.
  • Don’t plan too much. Limit every outdoor activity to a few hours so your baby isn’t out there too long. Plan road trips for closer destinations, and take extra time for stops so you can take care of your little one’s needs.
  • Bring snacks for you. It’s not easy to get the nutrition you need while traveling with your little one. Pack some high protein snacks and power yourself.
  • Don’t over pack. Leave most of the baby gear at home and just be sure to have what you need to get your destination. You can buy diapers and wipes when you get there.
  • Plan for naps. Bring a board game, a deck of cards, or a good book to hang out in the hotel room while your little one takes a nap. Try to keep the nap routine the same.
  • Bring a white noise machine. Start using one at home when it’s time to sleep so your baby gets used to it. The noise will help your little one get asleep even in an unfamiliar place.

road trip with an infant

Considering all these tips, you should be ready to get out with your little ones and have the best vacation ever.



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