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Baby Separation Anxiety

Baby Separation Anxiety

Does your baby cry every time you leave the room? Is your baby 5-6 months old?

There is nothing to worry about. Your baby is suffering from Separation Anxiety. The more she becomes aware of you are a different person, the more she is afraid of not seeing you.

According to an article published by Similac Strong Moms, “The best way to calm your baby is to leave, wait for a minute or two, and then return. Repeating this pattern, at progressively longer intervals, will help her realize that you always come back. When you soothe and calm your fussy baby, she gets the message that all is well. It is a message that will stay with her as she grows.”

10 Tips to Soothe Your Crying Baby

10 Tips to Soothe Your Crying Baby

One of the most frustrating challenges a new parent faces is soothing her crying baby, especially one who has been recently fed, changed, and loved. Luckily, the members of the Mom365 Community have been there and done that. Here are their top ten ways to help a crying newborn baby calm down.

Make a Baby Burrito

Your newborn loves to feel safe and secure, like he did when he was in-utero. By wrapping him up snugly and securing his arms by his sides, so they won’t flail out and startle him, you’re re-creating that cozy feeling he enjoyed for nine comfy months.

Lend a (Clean) Finger

Babies love to suck; it’s a natural reflex in newborns through about three months of age. Some babies begin sucking their thumbs while still in the womb, and for many newborns sucking on their fingers and hands or a pacifier can be very soothing. In a pinch you can also offer your little one a clean pinkie; just touch your finger to the top of their mouth to trigger the rooting reflex.

Keep It Moving

Your baby might have been well-insulated while on the inside, but she still felt plenty of movement. Try gently bouncing her up and down or swinging her from side to side when she needs help settling down.

Make Some Noise

Having just emerged from a very loud place—your body, where the sounds of a pumping heart, flowing blood and various other bodily functions can get a bit noisy—newborns are often soothed by the familiar dull roar of white noise. Noise machines, vacuum cleaners, noise machines and vacuum cleaners: try them out and see what works for your baby.

Get Outside

Not only will the movement and change in environment help soothe your babe, but it will help restore your calm as well.

Consider Allergies

Approximately two to three percent of babies develop allergies to the protein in milk, a key ingredient in many baby formulas, leading to stomach pain, gassiness and general fussiness—cue the tears! If your baby repeatedly shows symptoms like loose stools, vomiting, gagging and irritability, you might want to talk to your doctor.

Zone ‘Em Out

Newborns are easily overwhelmed by their new reality: the noises, the people, the smells… modern life can be a lot for a little one to deal with all the time! Overstimulated babies can quickly become inconsolable; the best way to soothe your little one in this situation might be to just go dark.

Consider Your Diet

Gas and stomach pain can be the source of some serious infant tears; their still-developing digestive systems can make it difficult to process some of the foods making their way to them through your breastmilk. Modifying your diet might alleviate some gas and digestive discomfort. Always check with your doctor before making changes.

Change the Story

Sometimes distracting your little one will lead to calming, almost as if you hit the reset button. Be careful, though, as it might have the opposite effect on an overstimulated baby.

Go for a Bike Ride

If you’ve burped your little one after a feeding, but she still seems fussy, try “biking” her legs, which can help relieve any gas that might be causing pain.

U.S. Child Passport Service

U.S. Child Passport Service

How to get a United States Child Passport?

A child passport is required for American citizens under the age of 15 traveling outside of the United States. A new child passport is required for international travel even if traveling to Canada or driving over the border to Mexico your child must have a valid US passport.

If you’re traveling within the next 30 days and a child passport or visa is required you can use a registered US passport expediting service. We are registered and can get a new child passport within 24 hour if needed. All is a vital document expediting service that specializes in obtaining your passport as quickly as you need it before your trip.


Requirements for getting a new child passport.

  • Completed  DS 11 application form
  • You will need to fill out a letter of authorization
  • 2 new passport photos
  • The child’s original birth certificate
  • (For expedited service only) you will need confirmed international travel plans whether it’s a hotel confirmation or IE ticket.


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Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Offices

Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Offices

Info Source: and Image Source

Your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) offices provides many services including drivers license renewal, license plate renewal, getting a learners permit, and all the necessary DMV forms. Below is a list of all 67 Florida counties each of which has DMV offices. We recommend you attempt to complete your DMV needs online first as it may save you valuable time.

Florida DMV Online Services – Quick List


Find The DMV Office in your Florida County

Alachua Hamilton Okaloosa
Baker Hardee Okeechobee
Bay Hendry Orange
Bradford Hernando Osceola
Brevard Highlands Palm Beach
Broward Hillsborough Pasco
Calhoun Holmes Pinellas
Charlotte Indian River Polk
Citrus Jackson Putnam
Clay Jefferson St. Johns
Collier Lafayette St. Lucie
Columbia Lake Santa Rosa
Dade Lee Sarasota
Desoto Leon Seminole
Dixie Levy Sumter
Duval Liberty Suwannee
Escambia Madison Taylor
Flagler Manatee Union
Franklin Marion Volusia
Gadsen Martin Wakulla
Gilchrist Monroe Walton
Glades Nassau Washington



Traffic School

Learners Permit

Car Registration

DMV Offices Other States

Florida License Plate