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How being a bilingual speaker might make your brain stronger

How being a bilingual speaker might make your brain stronger

During a presentation this past weekend at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Washington, DC, Judith Kroll, a psychologist at Penn State who studies bilingualism, described how speaking both English and Spanish “changes the architecture of your brain,” and that being bilingual could literally making your brain stronger.

Kroll, Wired‘s Lizzie Wade explains, thinks that being bilingual might benefit people in one important mental capacity: the “executive function” aspect of the brain’s processes, or “the ability to filter out unnecessary information and make decisions.” If true (some dispute this assertion), it can be assumed a bilingual brain also means a more nimble and logical one.

The executive function isn’t the only part of the brain capable of being manipulated by the ability to speak two languages, Wade writes: “When I speak Spanish, it’s not an effortless cognitive switch. My brain needs to actively choose Spanish every time I say a word or construct a sentence.”

This mental back and forth between Spanish or English means, while learning a second language, one’s ability to speak their native language may be negatively affected, at least in the short term. “Spanish is always there in my brain, forcing me to do a little extra work to find the English words, even though I’ve known them far longer than their Spanish equivalents,” Wade says. Ultimately, though, it can be like “weightlifting for your brain.”

And one last thing: Kroll is quick to point out that though folks may have once believed mixing together Spanish and English words in the same sentence was a sign of a “pathological” disease, this is certainly not the case. “It’s actually a normal and typical part of bilingual experience,” Kroll said.



40 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes! Niki and Gabi

40 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes! Niki and Gabi

YAYYY HALLOWEEN VIDEO! In this video we show you 40 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Girls! (and yes we said 40). We put together 40 outfit ideas that you guys can easily put together with pieces of clothing you already have in your closet! These Halloween costume ideas are Easy, AFFORDABLE, and perfect for Last-Minute. THUMBS UP FOR HALLOWEEN VIDEOS:)

6 tips to encourage your child to talk

6 tips to encourage your child to talk

Speaking is a very important indicator of your child´s development. These 6 tips will help your little one start talking:

Recap on the day: everyday is a new adventure for your 1-2 year-old child. Every night, before going to bed, talk about the activities done during the day. You can even ask questions such as ¨what did you buy?¨, ¨who did you go with?¨, ¨did you like the apple?¨.

Take breaks when you read: after reading many times the same book, your child may have memorized the story. Start reading his/her favorite story and pause to have him/her fill the blanks.

Use word games: have your child say the name of the place you are on that moment (airport, store, park) and ask him/her the name of different things or animals. If your child doesn´t know the right name, whisper the answer and let him/her say it loud. Explain what it is for (¨This is an umbrella. We use it to cover us from the rain¨).

Talk on the phone: most of the children feel attracted by telephones, even before they learn to speak. When relatives or friends call you, make your child talk on the phone for a while. Have your baby tell something to the person who he/she is talking to (¨Tell grandma you have a new doll¨, ¨Tell daddy what you ate today¨).

Include your child in conversations: children hear everything and understand more than you think they do. If you and your partner are talking about the color you are going to paint the bathroom, ask your child questions related to the conversation (¨What color is the bathroom wall?¨, ¨What color should we paint it?¨). Make your little one feel his/her opinion is important.

Make videos: since most of the kids like to be recorded by a camera, you can pretend your child is on the tv and have him/her perform his/her favorite character, or sing a song.


Why is it important to read to toddlers‏?

Why is it important to read to toddlers‏?

Books for children are our first introduction to the art of storytelling. Reading to children helps develop imagination, listening skills, and a lifelong love of books. Just as important, kids love being read to. When you read to kids, you are spending quality time just for the two of you

Tips to Help You Read to Kids
  • If your child isn’t used to being read to, be positive as you share the news you’re going to be reading together. Tell your child that this is special time for the both of you, and how much fun it will be.
  • Make reading your quiet time together. Ensure you aren’t competing with the TV, music, or any other distracting noise.
  • You may not realize how interested your child might be in books for children. Give them time to look at their books from home or the library, and limit their choice to one or two each night. Bedtime is a perfect time to sit quietly and read to your baby, toddler, or school-aged child.
  • Most kids love hearing you use different voices for the characters in the book, and this will help them follow the story.
  • Make reading a daily habit. Read at the same time every day and your child will soon make sure you don’t forget it’s time for a book!
  • Encourage your child to ask questions and be a part of the reading experience. Puppets are a fun way to act out the story after you’ve read it.
  • Invite friends and family to read with your children when they visit.
  • If your children are very young, it’s better to spend a shorter time reading one book than forcing it when they’re distracted or tired.
Why doesn’t my child play like other kids? My child always seems to be daydreaming. Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Why doesn’t my child play like other kids? My child always seems to be daydreaming. Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces


Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Born to succeed. These kids are too ambitious to waste time taking a nap, or playing common games such as  hide and seek. Capricorn children expect to be rewarded and don’t mind to work hard to get what they want. They use to plan their future, and usually know what they want to be when they grow up. Your Capricorn child will be an excellent big sibling, since he/she is naturally very responsible.


Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius kids use to be unique. You will be surprised by their originality. They are sociable and have many friends. The more miscellaneous their friends origins are, the better. New experiences will be very attractive for an Aquarius child. These kids need to feel free to develop their individuality, therefore it is important, as parents, to give them autonomy and space.

large_PiscesPisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces children are daydreamers. They intensify all their living experiences. You will find them always with their minds elsewhere, since they have too much things to think about. These kids are extremely loving and compassionate. They need extra love from their parents. Don’t be surprised if your Pisces child brings home stray cats and dogs, or friends who need help.

Your Baby’s Personality – Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Your Baby’s Personality – Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius


Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Natural conciliators in conflicts. Libra children want everybody to get along, and conflicts make them feel distressed. They are sweet and polite and a little undecided, since they don’t want to make decisions that hurt others. Very good friends, just and well-balanced.


Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Although your Scorpio child seems to be peaceful, he/she is so active inside. Scorpio kids never let anybody know what they have inside, therefore you will never know what really moves your child. These kids are passionate and need to be certain about theirselves, that is why they always try to control others and theirselves.


Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Your Sagittarius child has a natural sense of adventure. Experience is the essence of life. These kids want to rush the world. They start making mischief even before learning to walk. Sagittarius kids like to explore beyond the limits. They are naturally athletic, so they need to consume constantly their excess of energy by doing physical activities.