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Remove burned on food from pots and pans. Pour Coke into the warm burnt pot and let it sit for about an hour. This will allow you to remove all of the gunk with ease and wipe it all off with a regular sponge.

Remove rust. Coca Cola can be used in the same way as your cleaner, wiped on, wiped off. If the item is small enough, soaking it in Coke for a few hours will do the trick too.

Remove gum from almost anything. Thanks to its acidity, Coke can soften the gum to the point that it can be easily peeled away with a blunt knife or something similar without damaging the surface beneath.

Clean battery terminals. If you get into the habit of cleaning off those terminals with Coca Cola, you’ll keep those terminals clean and your car will keep on going for as long as its battery has juice. Remember to unplug your battery and remove it from the car before trying this.

Remove tarnish from copper. Copper very often tarnishes with age. This tarnish can be removed by gently polishing it off with Coke and a soft cloth, followed by a warm water rinse and a drying buff with a clean cloth.